May 30, 2023 Sofia BU

We are in full on road warrior mode now. We spent last night debating how many kilometers we could do in one day. After our experience with Bucharest we needed to get a chunk of miles (I know I am mixing measurements) in, but we didn’t want to kill ourselves. After a lot of back and forth and testing distances on Google Maps we settled on Sofia.

The main reason Sofia won out in the choice of todays destination.

We settled on Sofia for two reasons, it wouldn’t be a killer drive, only about 320 km’s (230ish miles), and Ton wanted to revisit a restaurant there. Ton rarely wants to revisit a restaurant when there are so many new restaurants to be discovered, but she very fondly remembered Restaurant Hadjidraganovite in Sofia. So Sofia became the destination for the day.

Our main motivation for Sofia, The Mixed Grill for two.

The drive to Sofia was on roads a little rougher and busier than we would have liked. That is what happens when distance is your goal, things like traffic start to bother you in a way they don’t when your goal is a place. The last two days have driven that home to us as I have been more frustrated than ever with the road conditions, and the antics of the drivers, things I usually take in stride.

Mission Accomplished.

We arrived in Sofia around 2:00 after about 5 hours on the road, so on the whole the drive wasn’t terrible. We headed right into town to have a very late lunch/very early dinner. After our lunch/dinner we weren’t in the mood to explore much, a function of todays goal being distance not Sofia. So we jumped on the subway and headed straight back to François to rest.

The subway platform in Sofia. Fortunately the signs have the place names in Roman letters also.

2 thoughts on “May 30, 2023 Sofia BU”

  1. Nobody would confuse your picture of the Sofia Subway station with one from New York City. Where are all the beggars, bums, winos, and people? Most especially, where is all the grit and grime? Recalling my trip to Bangkok’s subway, I’m starting to think that Americans are the only people who don’t know how to run a pressure washer……or even a broom!

    1. Sofia is one of the cleanest cities we have seen in Europe. It is a relatively small city which seems to make it manageable. Now if we could only get them to stop parking on the sidewalks!

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