June 6, 2024 Portland OR

Our flight was delayed two hours, but Delta had sent us an email telling us so we just delayed our departure from the hotel by two hours. Check in was relatively smooth except KLM has a self service check in that was new to us. You load your bag into a machine, answer some questions and place your own tags on the bag. When you are done the machine swallows up your bag. No interaction at all with a human, I am not sure this is progress.

Right on our new time of departure we were off and arrived around 2pm in Portland. Everything at home was as we left it.

This trip we added 5 new countries (Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) to our travels. We also revisited a couple of sites in France and Germany. I think we covered about 5000 (3000ish miles)kilometers in François, I forgot to check our mileage at the beginning.

I am already looking forward to our next trip in the fall.

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