May 28, 2024 Sopot PL

Sopot is a suburb of Gdansk that is refereed to in travel guides as the St. Tropez of Poland. So we decided to check it out today. It was a quick trip on the tram to the train station, and then a very short train ride to Sopot. We arrived to a very nice main street that led right down to the ocean.

On the main street they had this statue to Corporal Wojtek the Bear. He was captured and tamed by the Polish II Corps during WWII. Wojtek was inducted into the Polish Army though he was Iranian by birth. He fought with the Polish II Corps in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. He learned how to salute, and would ride in the passenger seat of one of the trucks of the transportation unit of the Corps. At the end of the war he was discharged from the Polish Army and sent to the Edinburg Zoo in Scotland where he lived until 1963. If you are a military history buff the story of the Polish II Corps is one of the most fascinating tales you will find from WWII.

Sopot is a very nice beach town with the typical array of souvenir shops, restaurants and ice cream stalls. The waterfront is very clean, and the beach is wide and the sand is inviting. As a weekend destination it would be really fun.

The main plaza facing the largest hotel.

It is also the home of what is reported to be the longest pier in Europe. We walked up to the pier hoping to take a stroll out only to find that it required a ticket to get on the pier. After a short debate we decided to pony up the money as we are unlikely to return to Sopot.

Looking down the longest pier in Europe.

It seems like it is pretty new, and it is quite long. We walked out to the end of it to see what the longest pier in Europe felt like. At the end of the pier was the same pirate ship that we kept running into in Gdansk, so now we know where they went on their two hour ride.

Looking back at the beach from the pier.

The only down side we saw to Sopot was the water itself. Away from shore it looked pretty clear, but right up against the beach there were seaweed beds that made the water look dark and not too appealing. So our rating is beach and sand outstanding and on par with St. Tropez, water not up to the crystal clear green and warmth of the Mediterranean.

The crooked building in Sopot. This picture is not distorted, that is how the building is built.

We finished our visit with a lunch at KFC. KFC is by far the dominant fast food place in Poland. They are everywhere, and about every other rest area on the freeway has a KFC in it. Ton thought it was interesting, because while chicken is a big part of Polish food the traditional dishes were all baked or grilled. We saw no Polish fried chicken. The KFC was different than the US and good, but in the future we are going to stick with the Milk Bars for our Polish lunches.

Where the money stays in Sopot.

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