September 18, 2023 Aigialeia GR

We are finally on the move after nearly a week resting and recovering in Nea Makri. Ton is still under the weather but she says she is starting to feel better.

Our day started by revisiting the RV repair center in Athens to get another water pump, it turns out that one of our faucets was not closing completely, causing the pump to run continuously even though the faucet was not dispensing water. This caused the pump motor to eventually burn out as they are not designed to run continuously. We had them install another pump and we were on our way by noon, short an additional €50, though no labor charge this time.

Ton loves the color and clarity of the ocean in Greece.

We escaped from Athens quickly and were shortly on the Peloponnesus peninsula, and the rest of the drive was a relaxing but expensive autoroute that paralleled the straight of Corinth.

The mountains of the Greek mainland across the Straight of Corinth from our campground.

We arrived at the campground about 3 pm and headed down to the beach to get some photos. For the first time on the trip Ton was in her element. We then returned to François for some relaxation and dinner before calling it a night.

2 thoughts on “September 18, 2023 Aigialeia GR”

  1. It is thrilling to me to think of all the history that has passed that beach that you are visiting.
    There were Armies marching, triremes paddling into battle, St Paul preaching the Gospel…..and those simple rocks under your feet have seen it all!

    1. Hi Paul, Greece has really one of our favorite countries. We are a little reluctant to leave. If not for some administrative stuff we have to do in France, I think we would have found a way to spend some more time on this side of Europe.

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