October 17, 2019 Pompeii IT

Since we are parked across from the entrance to Pompeii we decided to visit the site.  I have always been interested in Pompeii since I read about it when I was a child, so I was excited for the visit.  Pompeii was destroyed and buried when Mt. Vesuvius exploded and the ruins were not discovered until the 1700’s.

The city walls of Pompei.
A public fountain, all of the public fountains had faces on them.

But for me it was seeing the more day to day buildings such as bakeries, baths, taverns, public toilets and even brothels. The different houses from the rich, working class, and the poor were on view.  

A fresco from a wealthy home in Pompei.

It was very easy to imagine what life was like in this Roman town.  You can see very clear similarities between how people live today, and how they lived back then.  You can see how very highly developed things were and how some things are very common to today.  As an example the ovens used in the bakeries are almost identical to those used today for Pizza in the local restaurants.

An oven in a bakery that is almost identical to the pizza oven in the restaurant next to the campground. We think the large stone on the left is for grinding grain into flour.

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