October 20, 2019 Rome IT

Not much to talk about today.  We woke a little early, prepared François for movement after four days sitting in one place.  The drive to Rome was uneventful, the Autostrada was quiet and easy.

The Monastery at Monte Cassino from the Autostrada.  This building was completely rebuilt after WWII as it was fought over for several months during the war and completely leveled, before Polish troops fighting for the allies took it. 

We arrived at the campground pretty early and got set up for what will be another extended stay.  We spent the afternoon researching tours and purchasing tickets for the two big attractions the Vatican, and the Colosseum.  So the next two days are already planned.  As it was Sunday everything was closed but a grocery store so we headed there for a little recreational shopping.  Some days are not very interesting.

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