September 13, 2017 Spences Bridge BC

Today we headed to one of our favorite campsites on Naval Airstation Whidbey Island.  It is located right on the Puget Sound and is really a great place to camp.  

The initial drive was down the Fraser River Valley and is quite spectacular.  I know we are sounding like a broken record but the trip to Alaska is full of spectacular drives.  

Ron was focused on making it to the US before buying any more fuel.  We made it but only just. Ron was sweating bullets in the line to clear customs, wondering what the punishment would be to run out of gas at the border crossing.  When we pulled into the first gas station available after the border it took 33 gallons to fill the truck, a new record by 5 gallons so we really were on fumes.

We arrived early at the campsite at Whidbey and got the last space available.  The Navy has spent a lot of money upgrading this park and it is the equivalent of the best campground you would see anywhere.  On top of that the camp host does an incredible job both keeping the place clean and keeping gardens throughout the place.  It really is special.

How we feel as we wrap up the trip.

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