August 12, 2017 Whitehorse YT

We have moved to the capitol of the Yukon Territory Whitehorse.  It is a town of about 30,000 with all of the amenities of any large town in North America including a Walmart.    We took care of some maintenance stuff today the primary one was knocking all of the dead bugs and dust off of Scout.  A $10 investment in the local truck wash got us about 80% of the way there, Ton declared that good enough as we have some of the toughest travel coming up.

We also visited one of the local breweries, Yukon brewing company which we had visited seven years ago.  The beer was good and we particularly liked their lager.

Whitehorse is the hub of travel on the Alaska Highway and you see a great many different campers from giant luxury buses to homemade converted school buses.  There are quite a few European RV’s running around town also.  The visitors center is the hub of activity, as in addition to dispensing useful information it also offers good free internet.  I think we are going to take advantage of it tomorrow to try to post an update to the blog.

We have been doing some planning and after a down day tomorrow will be heading to Dawson City and then if the conditions are good on to Inuvik in the North West Territory.  We are also planning our first stay in a Wall Mart parking lot tomorrow to try to get us back on budget, and to check something else off our camping bucket list.

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