We keep a daily diary of our travels each year. Below we have included past years daily diaries if you want to follow our travels.


We visited in 2022 and enjoyed the country. For us it was a pretty straight forward place. It neither thrilled nor disappointed. It is an

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We are excited to be back on the road. Our spring trip this year is to Spain and Portugal. We have picked up François in

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2021 was another bust in our plan to retire early and see the world.  Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic we missed another year to

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We had big plans for 2020 until Covid-19 hit. In the spring we were planning a swing thru central Europe aiming at Poland and the

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We began to hit our stride in 2019, though due to a lot of stuff coming up in the summer we did not make our

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2018 was a big year for us as it marked our first trip in a RV outside of the US. Our first year traveling outside

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