We keep a daily diary of our travels each year. Below we have included past years daily diaries if you want to follow our travels.


Our first trip to the year has taken us back to Greece. Our plans for the year are less set than in past years. We

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We visited Croatia in the fall of 2022. Ton and I were really looking forward to seeing a country we had heard so many good

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We visited Greece in the fall of 2022 and are planning to return in the spring of 2023 to complete our visit. So far Greece

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Our first visit to Albania was a great deal of fun. We spent most of the time camped right on the beach in the large

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Montenegro is a country I have always been fascinated with since college. We only visited two cities, the very touristy Kotor, and the main port

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We visited Slovenia for the first time in 2022 for two days. Our time was spent in the capital of Ljubljana which was a very

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