We had big plans for 2020 until Covid-19 hit. In the spring we were planning a swing thru central Europe aiming at Poland and the Czech Republic. Those plans were cancelled at the last minute when the lockdowns began around the world. We also had a fall trip planned to visit Croatia and Greece that was also overcome by events.  

I decided to exercise Scout for a couple of weeks in January so there are a few entries for 2020.  In the fall we tested Covid traveling with a couple of short trips locally. As I update this at Thanksgiving it looks like we are done for the year.

For the year we travelled for a disappointing 32 days over three short trips.  One pre-pandemic, and two local trips during the pandemic.  Heres looking forward to 2021.

October 6, 2020 Portland OR

Our first post pandemic trip ended today. We both have dental appointments tomorrow so we needed to head home despite the spectacular weather forecast for

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