August 7 Wenatchee WA to Kelowna BC

We were discussing options last night about what to do next. Our initial thought was to take it slow going north and spend another day in Washington before spending a couple of days traveling around the Okanogan Valley in BC looking at wineries. But the smoke and heat was getting to us. The air quality was categorized as unhealthy in Wenatchee, and unhealthy in Kelowna so we made the decision to just try to get north of the smoke. Below is an example of the smoke obscuring the views.


Today turned into a travel day with the priority being getting in some miles. It was an uneventful drive north except we came upon a very severe accident that stopped us for about 40 minutes, and then after entering BC we came upon another accident where the truck involved had caught fire and burned totally.

We decided to wimp out and stay in a place with power so we can run our AC. Between the smoke and the high heat we decided to put comfort over cost. Luckily we called ahead to find a place as it is a holiday in Canada today, and even more lucky the place we called had just had a cancellation and we got their last spot for the night. It is a very nice campground above Kelowna on a working farm called Orchard Hill RV. We highly recommend it.

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