In 2018 we made the decision to buy a motorhome and store it in France.  We are planning on spending about 4 months per year there for the next few years.  For every country that we have spent at least a few days in Ton and I  have listed some of our favorite things, and one disappointment.  


We visited Italy in the Fall of 2019 traveling from South to North having taken a ferry from Toulon in France to Sicily.  Italy is

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We were really looking forward to our trip to Spain, and it did not let us down.  Normally we favor small towns and natural beauty,

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We toured Germany in spring of 2019.  Germany is an interesting country to visit with a mixture of modern and old.  Things are really well

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Belgium was a pleasant surprise for us.  We knew the beer was going to be good, but we did not have any idea how nice

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We spent three days in Luxembourg at the end of our spring 2019 trip.  We were both curious about this mini-country.  It is a bustling

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We are based in France and have really enjoyed our trips so far.  The biggest surprise is the quiet and beautiful countryside away from the

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