Our first visit to Albania was a great deal of fun. We spent most of the time camped right on the beach in the large port city of Durres. Another former communist country emerging onto the European scene it is an intriguing place to visit. Ton said it reminded of her of Thailand in the 1970’s. Some very modern infrastructure and some very old and barely working infrastructure. While the roads are a little more primitive than other parts of Europe the main roads are of decent quality. You definitely do not have to worry about running out of fuel in Albania as they have the highest density of fuel stations we have seen anywhere in the world!   The camping infrastructure like the rest of the country is a little primitive compared to other places we have visited in Europe.  Having said that the two places we stayed were both charming and the hosts were wonderful.  Our sample size on camping is very small.  It looks like wild camping is tolerated if you use common sense.  The people were very friendly and fun to be around which we always enjoy.