We visited Greece in the fall of 2022 and are planning to return in the spring of 2023 to complete our visit. So far Greece has been a great place to visit. The sites are everything you expect and the people are friendly and helpful. We are looking forward to spending more time in Greece.

The roads in Greece are generally very good. The toll roads are variable, but generally good. Speed limits are a little lower than in other countries and change frequently, though the Greeks don’t seem to pay that much attention to the frequent changes in speed limits. We did not see any speed cameras, though they probably exist. The older toll roads are relatively inexpensive depending on how François is classified by the attendant. On the older toll roads all of the booths except for the Telepass booths are manned and the attendant decides if you are class 2 (a vehicle under 2.7 meters in height) and class 3 (a vehicle over 2.7 meters with two axles). It makes a big difference in the toll. At first we were being given the class 2 rate and it was very reasonable. On the newer freeways which are run by a different private company the measurement was automatic and the toll was higher and we were correctly classed as class 3. (François is 2.9 m tall.) It made quite a difference in the tolls and so the newer tollways were on par with Portugal and France if not a little more expensive. I’m not sure how Greece landed on height as the determiner for class as it is done by weight in most countries as the weight of the vehicle is what causes more wear and tear on the highways, not how tall it is.

Camping infrastructure is good in Greece, and reasonable. Unfortunately, Aires don’t seem to exist. We did see a lot of wild camping going on, but in very popular destinations signs prohibiting overnight camping were prominent.

The food in Greece was exceptional and inexpensive. We really enjoyed the seafood particularly the fried anchovies. We will do a more extensive right up of Greece after our trip in the spring of 2023.