United States

Our home country and one definitely worth exploring. We have both visited all 50 states. Our RV experience is more in the west as that is where our home is. The state we have visited the most since we started the blog is California. The highlight for us is probably our trip to Alaska in 2017. At some time in the future we will do a page for the US like we have done for the European countries, but we are finding it hard to do as impressions are different at home than they are in a foreign country.


Our neighbor to the North.  We have not explored Washington that much in Scout as we had done a lot of traveling there in our

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Our home state.  A lot of the entries are short trips to Eastern Oregon, or one day entries as we depart or return from trips

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A state most famous for Las Vegas.   While it only has one National Park, it does have some very good state parks, and a

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We have spent a great deal of time in Scout exploring California.  In 2015 we visited Sequoia and Kings Canyon.  There are two sets of

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We have made a couple of short trips to Arizona while we have owned Scout.  In 2016 we spent some time in the Sedona area,

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We toured Alaska in 2017 as part of our trip along the Alaska Highway.  It was one of our most memorable trips and I highly

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We made two trips to Utah with friends while we were keeping the blog. The parks in Utah are among the most beautiful in the

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Arkansas and Texas

We visited these states on our way home from picking up Scout.  We are hoping to return to Texas one day, but never intend to

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Southeast United States

After picking up Scout we took a short trip thru the Southeast spending a day or two in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and

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Montana and Wyoming

Most of our time in Montana and Wyoming is at or near Yellowstone so we have lumped them together.  We have visited three times since

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Until we got Scout we had not spent much time in Idaho.  For us Idaho is one of the states that we enjoy the most.

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We have not spent as much time as we would like in Colorado, but we did manage one trip in 2016 that took us thru

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