August 15, Badlands NP, SD

Today was our furthest point east on this trip. Ron has always wanted to see the Badlands NP. But before that we had quite a storm last night. Wind gusts around 40 mph and rain and lighting. We got a little concerned when the loudspeakers on the airforce base came on and told all personnel to take cover from lightning and severe weather. Ton says I slept through most of the storm but I was really awake and listening to the storm.


On the way to Badlands the signs for Wall Drug started popping up, and I asked Ton if she wanted to visit Wall Drug. To my surprise she said she had no idea what it was. Ton like many people who have adobted the US often knows more than natives about the country so I am always surprised when she does not know something about the country. So we stopped and I had a cup of coffee while Ton explored Wall Drug.

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I am not sure we realize how spectacular the National Park System is. Badlands was 25 miles of spectacular other worldly formations carved by wind and water. I am not sure our pictures are going to do it justice. It was definately worth the 1300 mile trip to see. I hope the other parks live up to the Badlands.


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