January 25, Little Rock Arkansas

Today we are back on the road. The week in Elizabethtown was incredibly cold with overnight lows near 0 every night. When we arrived I thought about bleeding the water out of the truck and putting in anti-freeze, but figuring we were in Kentucky I thought it would have to warm up, I was wrong. We really tested the Webasco Heater, and solar system in extreme conditions and they came thru well. We were able to keep the heater going for 6 days with below freezing temperatures.though it cost us nearly one half tank of diesel.


Our plan to stay off the interstates ran into a snag today as it was snowing hard and blowing snow when we left. We decided to head due west towards Paducah Kentucky instead of south towards Nashville. The first 80 miles were in pretty heavy snow and the parkway had not been plowed for about the first 50 miles. After some white knuckle driving we finally drove out of the snow, but decided to push on on interstates as we did not know the conditions of the backroads.

After a long day we ended up in Little Rock for the night.


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