January 29, Big Bend NP, Rio Grande Village

Arrived in the afternoon at Big Bend NP. We would have been there sooner but we had to do a 60 mile detour when the needs Diesel Exhaust Fluid light came on, Ron is still learning how to manage the truck, now there is an extra gallon in the back of the truck so it does not happen again.


Tonight we stayed at the Rio Grande Village Campground. They had a great nature trail along the river. It took us thru an unusual wetland, a very interesting microenvironment along the river. It was full of birds, ducks, and a rare fish called a mosquito fish. Hard to believe the picture on the left is from a desert. We then walked up the hill to get a view of the river. Borders are always interesting to me, a line on a map can have such a major impact on people’s lives. We looked over at a village in Mexico and the traveler in me wanted to go.

Here is a nice picture of a Great Blue Heron we saw on the way back to the truck for the night.



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