January 31, El Paso, Texas

Today was pretty much a travel and maintenance day. We drove into El Paso did some shopping at Costco to stock up food for the rest of the trip, then moved on to a RV park in a dirt lot behind a Camping World where we washed clothes and Scout. This place takes two dubious honors, the most expensive place we have stayed and the least charming.

Having stayed away from cities for almost a month we both got a little shock when we hit some serious traffic near El Paso. Can’t say I miss traffic. El Paso was having a serious wind storm with blowing dust. Winds gusts were up to 50 miles per hour and Scout was blowing around quite a bit for the last 15 miles until we arrived.

Ton figured there must be good Mexican food in El Paso and while we washed clothes she did some research and came up with a local restaurant called Pepe’s. She made a great call as the food was truly outstanding and it was nice to see a family restaurant doing well. If you are on the west side of El Paso I highly recommend Pepe’s.


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