August 22, Natural Bridges to Capitol Reef NP, UT

Today was supposed to be a travel day heading west to Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Ton felt sorry for me and let me sleep in so we were late getting going. We were hoping to cover about 300 miles today but ended up covering only about 140 miles due to the scenary and an unexpected stop at Capitol Reef NP.


Ton really loves Utah. She thinks it is the most beautiful state in the United States. So today every time we had to make a decision about picking the road that was going to allow us to go fast or the road that was going to be pretty, we ended up on the pretty one. Today the pretty road was Utah 95 which was marked as a scenic highway and it lived up to it’s billing. If you ever have a chance give it a drive as every curve on the road seemed to open up a new stunning vista, with a lot of diversity in formations, color, and size.


As we were driving we noticed that one of our options passed thru Capitol Reef National Park. As we drove up to the park the sun was finally out and the colors were spectacular. Interestingly since we have been in Utah it has generally been overcast with occasional rain showers and has caused Ton problems with her pictures. We decided to do the 20 mile scenic drive with a thought of then heading further west. Well three hours and two dirt scenic roads later we pulled into a spotless campground at the park for the night. Since we stopped a little earlier than normal we had some time to socialize. Our neighbor was a German driving a Fiat based camper he had shipped over two years ago. He spends 6 months here and then flies home for a while. Sounds like a plan for me. Later a couple of folks came by to check out Scout and we gave them the quick tour. Everywhere we go we get tons of positive comments. I was pleased to hear from our German neighbor that he thought Scout would be great in Europe, not too big, but capable of going anywhere.

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