September 22, Hill AFB to Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

We had decided to meet at Bryce Canyon. After a quick start in the morning Ton and I decided to do some shopping while we waited for traffic in Salt Lake City to die down. We topped off the refrigerator and added a couple of six packs of Utah’s finest microbrews.

The drive to Bryce Canyon was uneventful. By the time we all had settled in we decided to head over to the park to Sunrise Point. Ton and I had been here a couple of times when Dylan worked at Bryce Canyon, but it was Pae and Supachai’s first time and they were blown away. After spending an hour or so taking pictures we headed back into town as we had signed up to attend a concert in Bryce City. I did not have high expectations, but it was quite good. The Utah parks are always full of Europeans on vacation and they did a fun thing at the concert, as they seated everyone they asked them where they were from, and at the begining of the concert they hung flags representing all of the countries in attendance. Somehow they had missed a large group of Welsh who let them know they were there and the team on stage were able to fetch a Welsh flag right away to big cheers. The three Thai in our group were proud that Thailand was the only Asian country tonight.


At our table we had a German couple who have moved to Vancouver BC, and a Finnish couple who are on a three week Bus trip. The concert of Western traditional music was quite good and the group presenting did a great job of representing the US. Everyone had a good time.

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