April 19, Gold Beach OR to Fort Bragg CA

Today we would be going into new territory heading down the Pacific Coast Highway. Past trips had taken us as far south as Crescent City California, so the next few hundred miles will be new for us.

Today we were focused on visiting the Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California. We had made a day trip down into Northern California on a previous trip to Southern Oregon and had seen enough of the Redwoods to really wet our appetite to see more on this trip. Unfortunately the weather was not fully cooperative and it was raining and grey most of the day.


The Redwoods did not let us down. We stopped at a couple of California State Parks to look at these trees. The Coastal Redwooods are really magnificent sometimes topping 300ft tall and 70 ft. in circumference. The highlight of the day was the 32 mile Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt State Park. This park contains 3 of the 5 tallest Coastal Redwoods in the world, though we did not find any of them. We did find a fascinating drive with trees that defy my ability to describe them. We also stopped by one of the obligatory tourist traps where you drive your car thru a Redwood, but Scout would not fit, and Ton was unimpressed with the stuff in the shop.

After that we followed PCH over a coast range and along some high cliffs over the Pacific to Fort Bragg for the night. Another ho-hum 40 miles of magnificent views.


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