April 21, Petaluma to Monterey CA


Today was a kind of lazy day as we were a little slow getting going. We picked up PCH and followed it down the coast to San Francisco. Initially we were following Tomales Bay instead of the coast. We noticed a lot of advertising for BBQ Oysters but as we were running late there was no chance to check them out. We may have to come back in the future to find out how they taste. Near the bottom of Tomales Bay we came across some mud flats teaming with birds and seals.


After Tomales Bay we climbed back up for some more cliff top driving until we crossed into San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge. The traffic was pretty tame for San Francisco so we were thru the city pretty quickly and back along the coast heading to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. Despite living in the Bay Area for two years we had never followed PCH from San Francisco to Santa Cruz so it was new for us. Our tours of west coast lighthouses continued as we stopped at Pigeon Point lighthouse which Calfornia State Parks took over from the Coast Guard. Ton was excited to find a whole new bunch of wild flowers.

Tonight we are “camped” with our back to the Monterey airport, at a Navy Campground, but the price is right. Tomorrow we are going to stay in the area and explore a little bit, before heading for Big Sur.


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