April 26, Kings Canyon NP to Folsom CA

Today we woke up to quite a surprise. There was over a foot of snow on the ground. It was really beautiful, but the concern was whether we could get out of the campground as the road was invisible. Ron did a little scouting and marked the path of the road, until it got to a part that had been plowed. After some photos were taken, it was time to move, and no problem at all, Scout handled the foot of snow easily. As we dropped down out of the mountains we were quickly out of the snow zone and on our way to visit some friends in Folsom.


Supachai, and Pae are old friends from Portland, and we try to swing by and see them whenever we are in Northern California. As always their hospitality is great, and we enjoy catching up with them. Tonight was a all you can eat Korean Barbecue, with Supachai challenging us to eat 20 plates of barbecue items. I think we just missed, but everyone was very satisfied.


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