April 28, Folsom to Yosemite NP

When we left Folsom in the morning we thought we needed to be in Portland on Thursday, but when we checked we found out that the appointment had been delayed. Ton suggested that we go to Yosemite instead of heading North. So after turning Scout around on the freeway, we ended driving backroads all the way to Yosemite. Driving thru the California gold rush country was new to us and even though California is in quite a drought it has rained just enough in the last three weeks to green up the grass so the scenary was quite nice. We passed thru Calaveras County which is the place that inspired one of Ron’s favorite Mark Twain short stories, the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.


We had last visited Yosemite about 20 years ago so our memories of how spectacular it is had faded. It is easy to understand how John Muir and so many others were inspired by this place. Our timing was a little off as this was the first day that on line reservations could be made for the park, the ranger we spoke to at the entrance said that they were nearly empty over the weekend, but today every spot was full. He had mercy on us and assigned us a tent camping spot, and told us just to park Scout in the parking area for the tent campers and sleep there.

Our first stop was the valley floor where we did a quick tour. Having refreshed our memory we decided to try a place that was new to us and headed back up the other side of the mountain to Glacier Point. The drive was fun and the views at the top of the valley floor, waterfalls, Half-Dome, and El-Capitan were breathtaking.


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