April 29, Yosemite NP to Manton CA

Today we are begining to head home so the primary goal was to get north. We recently joined an organization called Harvest Host which allows people who join to dry camp in participating wineries. Our friends and fellow Malayan owners the Cooks recommended the organization. After an uneventful but windy drive mostly on I-5 we arrived at Indian Peak Winery in the very small town of Manton California.

The drive from I-5 was interesting as we entered a whole different environment closer to eastern Oregon than the Sierra foothills we had been in. As we approached the winery we had several nice views of Mt. Lassen, and determined to return later when the roads thru the park are open all of the way.


We were not quite sure what to expect when we pulled into Indian Peak. It is a very small winery closer to the scale we are used to in Oregon than the massive wineries we have been seeing in California. The tasting room was nice but empty when we walked in, and suddenly we heard a voice from upstairs saying I’ll be right down. The voice belonged to Donna the co-owner along with her husband Fred. We tasted and enjoyed all of the wines, with Fred relieving Donna about half way thru the tasting process so she could return to doing her paperwork upstairs. After completing the tasting we purchased a bottle of wine that we intended to drink with dinner, but before we could leave Fred grabbed a couple of the bottles from the tasting table and said “why don’t we go outside and enjoy the day and drink some wine.” We couldn’t pass up an offer like that, and 3 hours later we had drank a lot of wine and had an impromptu barbecue with Donna and Fred. All in all it was a wonderful evening that we thorougly enjoyed. Good company, good food, and good wine. Donna and Fred have certainly set a high bar for future harvest host visits and we would like to thank them.


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