December 16, Mojave National Preserve

Today we visited Mojave NP. The Preserve has three of the four desert environments in the western US with sections of the Great Basin, Mojave, and Colorado deserts coming together in this area.

Woke up early to catch sunrise, but between the cloud cover and the location we were a little disappointed. Headed out on Wild Horse Canyon Road which was a pretty well developed dirt road. Ton got some nice photos of the area.

Next we headed towards the Clio uprise which is a granite uplift. It is really not noticeable but it makes for a perfect environment for Joshua Trees. Ton loves the trees and loved the area. We did a little offroading to get deeper into what is supposed to be the biggest Joshua Tree forest in the US. Scout as always handled the trails very well.


We next went back to the visitor center to look at the museum. Most of the museum is dedicated to the railroad days with a little bit on the desert. We talked to the ranger for a while and he steered us over to the Kelso Dunes. The Dunes were over 600 feet tall and extend for about 40 miles. We climbed pretty well to the top and took some pictures and Ton tried to make a holiday message in the sand.

Pulling out of Kelso Dunes we were heading back towards the Joshua Tree forest to a spot we had scouted for a rough camp. Ron did some calculations and said it would take an extra 30 minutes to get to Joshua Tree NP from where we were. Well 90 minutes later we pulled into Joshua Tree NP. More to follow tomorrow.


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