October 15, Mammoth Lake CA to June Lake CA

The day started with a bear encounter by Ton. After a slow start in the morning we had pulled into the dump station at the camp ground. While Ron was fiddling with the dump Ton was on the phone with Pae our friend from Sacramento when a black bear crossed in front of the truck. Ton was so startled that she could not get the camera out in time to take a picture, and Ron was so intent on the dump station that he did not notice the bear.


After the early excitement we headed over to Devils Postpile National Monument. It is a very small national monument near Mammoth. Originally included in the boundaries of Yosemite NP the area around the monument was cut out of Yosemite in the early 1900’s to allow mining. The main formation at the monument is fascinating and worth the trip.


After finishing up at the monument we headed out to find some fall colors. After three days we were finally rewarded with some nice fall foliage around Convict Lake and in McGee Creek Canyon. We were surprised to still find any leaves had survived the windstorm from the day before, but the leaves were still there and quite beautiful.

We next headed over to Mono Lake. We stopped by the visitors center to see what the lake was all about. After a visit there we headed over to the south Tufa preserve to check out the Tufa’s there. Tufa’s are formed by springs in the lake bubbling up and calcifying to make these neat formations. The trail was fun and informative about the efforts to preserve the lake.


We ended up spending the night at June Lake after the ranger at Mono Lake discouraged us from driving in to Yosemite for the night. It was another forest service campground where we shared a beautiful sunset with a couple from Zurich next door.


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