October 16, June Lake CA to Yosemite NP

Today we started the day by visiting Bodie SP. Bodie is a ghost town not far from US395. It was a gold mining boom town founded in 1878 and reached its peak population of about 10,000 in 1884. By then the gold was starting to play out and the town started to lose population. There was enough gold left to sustain a commercial goal mining operation so the town survived until the mine was closed during WWII. At that point given the harsh conditions around Bodie and the lack of any other source of employment the town was shut down and left in the desert. There are a couple of hundred buildings left more or less as they were in the 1940’s and because of the arid climate they survived in pretty good shape until the state made it a park.


We then headed over the Tioga pass into Yosemite. We had missed this part of the park when we visited in the spring because the road over the pass was still closed. Today we enjoyed our third pass thru the Sierra Nevada’s this week. Of the three as you would suspect this one had the best views, though they all had some points that were very spectacular.

The plan was to camp in one of the valley campgrounds as we assumed given the late part of the year and mid-week that we would be able to get a spot, but when we arrived at 2:30 pm there was no room in the campgrounds in the valley. The only park campground available was Hodgson Meadow near the Northwest entrance to the park. So for the second time this year we are at Hodgson.


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