October 18, Folsom CA

Today we had another fun day with Pae and Supachai. Supachai was meeting some of his friends from work at an Apple Orchard and we were invited to tag along. It was a pretty place, but it reminded Ton and I of how many more people there are in California than in Oregon. There was a quite a crowd, though everyone was having a good time.


After the apple orchard we went over to a brewery near by (of course) to check out the local brew. It was a nice setting and they were serving beer, cider, mead, and wine. We had a nice lunch and shared tasters of all of the beverages that were available. The beer was good, the cider was good, the wine was fair, and I still have not developed a taste for mead so I do not know if it was good or bad.

Next stop was Placerville which is another old gold mining town, but much gentrified. We visited the downtown which had some good antique shops including an old bookstore. Walking down the street we noticed that the main street in Placerville was our old friend California Highway 49. As Ton and I were walking down the street we saw a sign in the window of a cafe proclaiming Highway 49 as the Mother Lode Highway. We checked out the sign as we like to collect highway signs of roads we have enjoyed, but this one was considered an antique and out of our price range.


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