December 14, Hawthorne NV

Another day of hard driving. We have spent a lot of time since we got Scout transiting through and exploring Northeast Nevada and Northeast California and we like it here. To get us on a new route we decided to head a little further east out of Klamath Falls and headed towards Gerlach Nevada for no better reason than that is the closest town to Burning Man. There are not a lot of towns in this desert area.

We came across a small town in California called Canby that had an extensive Christmas and Thanksgiving display along the highway. We stopped and took some pictures.


This area averages less than 10 inches of precipitation, we ran into some snow going over a pass and we got some nice pictures. A little later we ran into Gerlach and got a couple of pictures of extraneous stuff left over from Burning Man, and mission accomplished moved on south.


We missed the campground we were planning to stay at on Walker Lake so we kept heading and ended up in a Casino parking lot in Hawthorne Nevada. While not elegant the price is right.

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