October 13, Klamath Falls OR to Topaz Lake NV


Heading south today we began the day stopping at Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Lava Beds National Monument. Tule Lake was full of wildfowl. Including a bunch of Pelicans. By November we learned that there are over 1 million wildfowl on the lake. It might be worth a trip later to take a look. We also saw the remnants of a Japanese Internment Camp from WWII near the lake.


Next we stopped at the Lava Beds National Monument. It is famous for its Volcano Tube caves. There are over 800 discovered caves on the monument and more being discovered every day. We walked thru the beginner cave which is paved and lit. Neither one of us are much into caves so we passed on the other 799. Before we could enter the caves we had to be quizzed about our previous spelunking experience to make sure we had not entered any caves that had the European Bat Fungus which came to the US in 2006 and is infecting a lot of the bats east of the Misssissippi.

After leaving the monument we drove south to the Nevada/California border and stayed at the RV park at the casiono in Nevada. Ron was intrigued with the offer of $6.99 prime rib for dinner and $1.99 Biscuits and Gravy. The casino boasts of having been opened in 1952. When we stepped in it seemed like it was still the 1950’s. We were immediately hit with an overwhelming wave of cigarette smoke. Nearly everyone in the place was smoking including in the dining room. So much for the $6.99 prime rib!


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