October 20, Klamath Falls to Home


An uneventful drive home, but just to remind us we had returned to Oregon it rained pretty good the whole way. This trip was planned as a short one because Ron was supposed to work the next week. But on the way home that day he received a call that the job had been postponed, bummer!

Some facts from the trip. 2100 miles in 8 days, we still have not learned how to slow down enough, hopefully we will get better with practice. Scout got 14.2 mpg on the trip which was almost exclusively mountain driving.

We crossed 4 passes through the Sierras on the trip, 3 of them were seasonal passes closed in the winter. The colors were sometimes spectacular, but the Sierras are mostly evergreens so it does not stack up to other fall colors we have seen. But it was certainly worth doing.


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