February 4, Redmond OR

Tonight will be the last night in the Tiger for the shakedown cruise. We drove to Redmond OR to go by the Tiger dealer there to get an electrical item taken care of. We had called in advance and told them the part we needed, as had Mark’s team from Provan. When we showed up the part was there and it took about 15 minutes to install. We used the time there to look at Malayan #2 which was at the dealer for sale. Since it took much less time than we anticipated we decided to go to the DMV and register Scout. So Scout is now officially an Oregon vehicle.

Today the drive took us up US 395 through Lakeview Oregon and then OR 31 over to US 97. These are great roads to explore and I expect we will spend a lot of time out there in the future. As we got closer to Redmond the weather started to deteriorate and it began to snow pretty vigourously so any thoughts we may have had of pressing on to Portland ended. Instead we decided to toast the trip by going by a microbrewery (of course) in Redmond.

We are now in a RV park hunkered down for the night. If the weather forecast is correct this is going to be the coldest of the many cold nights at -2 degrees.



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