February 5, Portland OR

Today was the last drive of the shakedown cruise for Scout. Woke up this morning to 7 degree temperatures and snow. This was the coldest night of the trip that we spent in Scout. The heater ran hard all night, but we were comfortable enough to sleep with our arms and faces out of the blankets which is a sign of comfortable temperatures.


We looked at our options to get across the Cascades this morning, taking into consideration we did not have chains yet. Our chicken route going down to the Columbia Gorge was not good, steady 35 mile per hour winds with 70 mph gusts. The short way across the mountains, US 26 had -7 degree temps and 30 mph winds, so we elected a longer route across the Santiam Pass. We ran into packed snow most of the way. The Malayan handled the snow very well with not one slip or slide. Ton was able to get some good pictures. It took us about an hour longer than usual to cover the 180 miles, which is not bad given the conditions.


Detroit Lake Ranger Station, Oregon


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