March 23, Short Trip to Eastern Oregon

It has been a while since we posted Ron has been traveling a bit for work so Scout has been sitting in the driveway a while. We did take one short weekend trip to Whidbey Island Washington and Seattle since the shakedown.

After the rest period we decided to take a trip to Eastern Oregon. The plan was to go to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, visit some friends in LaPine Oregon and if weather and road conditions permitted go to Leslie Gulch in the Owahyee’s in far South East Oregon.

Today was primarily a driving day to get out to Burns which is about 250 miles east of Portland. As we made our way east we passed over Santiam pass in the Cascades to Bend. In Bend made our normal stop at Costco to stretch and stock up on food. The 3 hours from Bend to Burns is a great reminder of how big and empty Eastern Oregon is. US Highway 20 does not pass through any towns for the 150 miles from Bend to Burns. It is sagebrush desert and while not spectacular country it is pretty.

Once we got to Burns we had another 30 miles to where we were camping for the night on the edge of the Wildlife Refuge. Had a little unfortunate surprise at the commercial campground we were staying at, when we went to use the showers we discovered that it cost $2 for 4 minutes of water, so we decided to go back and use the shower in Scout only to find that the valve for the shower controller gaskets had failed. Now we will be altering our plans to include a trip to the Provan dealer in Bend as we do not have the tools or the parts on board to fix the problem.


Sunset near Malheur Wildlife Refuge, Princeton Oregon

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