March 25, Redmond Oregon, Larry’s RV

Today we doubled back to Redmond to get our shower restored. It looks like the valve has failed on the shower fixture. This is the third failure of the plumbing fixtures. On the previous trip to Whidbey Island the valve for the water to the toilet failed. Ron was able to source the same part at a Lowes and fix it enroute. The other failure was interesting, in that the cold weather by-pass valve for the Culligan water filter failed and caused a leak under the kitchen sink. Ron installed the filter that the valve was supposed to protect from freezing and the leak stopped.

When we arrived at the dealer they said that they had talked to Mark and they were going to upgrade the shower fixture and install a vent to insure that hot air was getting to the box behind the bathroom to prevent a reoccurrence. They thought we would be on our way in an hour or two. After an hour or so of poking around in a Dollar Store we returned to see a harried looking technician exiting our vehicle. I asked him how it was going and he said not good. Well Murphy had kicked in and our quick fix ended up being quite complicated. By 5 pm we still did not have a valve and the team at Larry’s was coming up with a plan B. Luckily we had a place to spend the night where we did not need the water in Scout.

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