March 27, Near Christmas Valley Oregon

Today we did a loop from LaPine to Christmas Valley Oregon. Our friend Tim told us about a geological feature called Crack in the Ground so we decided to head out to Christmas Valley to check it out. Our original plan for this trip was to go to the Owyhee’s, but due to the delay for the plumbing issues we decided to wait until later in the year to go there.

In route we stopped at Fort Rock, which is an interesting formation formed when volcanic rock was pumped into an ancient lake about 10000 years ago. It is a state park. We took a quick walk but the high winds and blowing dust discouraged us a bit.


Next we moved on to Christmas Valley to check out crack in the rock. This is a relatively new feature caused by volcanic activity. It is a fizzure in the ground that runs for about 2 miles and at places is up to 70 feet deep. Getting there was interesting as we traveled 7 miles on a very washboarded forest service road. We finally figured out that the washboard was less of a problem at 30 mph than it was at 20 mph. We climbed down into the crack and followed for about half a mile. It was very interesting and at least in this area a pretty easy walk.


A Little Snow in the Crack in the Rock.

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