June 5, LaPine OR to Steens Mountain OR

Today was a busy day. We drove from LaPine to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. The title is interesting as it is set up to protect the Pronghorn, but Pronghorn are not Antelope, though they are frequently refered to as Pronghorn Antelope. We arrived at the refuge about noon and drove the roads hoping to spot some Pronghorns. After driving for about two hours we spotted three single Pronghorns and a couple of Grouse.

After several hours and only three Pronghorn to show for our efforts we decided to drive over to Frenchglen for the night. As we were leaving the Refuge we suddenly came upon about 50 or 60 Pronghorn. Ton took some nice pictures.


Southeast Oregon is really amazing to me for how empty it is. There are miles and miles with great vistas. Sometimes you can go 45 minutes without seeing another car on the roads. Despite the emptiness, the roads are really good whether they are paved or gravel. Everyone tends to stress the risk of driving in these empty lands, but it does not take much common sense to stay out of trouble out here.


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