We have been on quite an interesting trip with our motorhomes.  We got the bug initally around 2010 and purchased a Winnebago ERA.  We used the ERA to really explore our homestate of Oregon and took our first trip on the Alaska Highway in it.  It was a great introduction to the freedom that a motor home can bring, but as we traveled more we began to think we wanted more out of a motorhome.  The write up of our experience with the ERA is here.

When we were contemplating an early retirement travel was very much on our mind.  Our experinece with our ERA had shown that a motorhome was the way we wanted to do things.  We also wanted a motorhome with the capability to handle rough roads and to be very self-sufficient.  This led us to the Provan Malayan Tiger that this site is named after.  Our experience with the Tiger has been interesting.  In many ways we love the vehicle, but unfortunately it has been more high maintenance than we would like. The decision making that led us to the Malayan is in this article.  Our initial experience with the pick up is located here.  There are a series of blog posts that follow.  After driving cross country we recorded our initial impressions in this article.  Finally after three years of ownership we wrote an update that reflected our ownership.  Shortly after that update the owner of Provan decided to discontinue the Malayan model that we own.  In many ways after three years of pretty intense work I think (knock on wood) the major bugs have been worked out.   While our relationship with Scout our Malayan has been complicated we still own it and plan to keep it in the short term and continue to use it for trips in North America.

In 2017 Ron retired full time and it became time to get serious about traveling overseas and we selected Europe as our first continent to explore.  As we were researching shipping Scout to Europe I came across a website that talked about an ownership option for non-EU citizens that was intriguing.  We reached out to the company and the alternative of buying an European motorhome seemed viable.  We decided to rent a RV from them and after completing the trip decided to buy a motorhome from them.  The details on how we came to own two motorhomes is located here.  We took our first trip in our Knaus 550 in the fall and are happy with our decision to purchase François.© travelin tiger 2013