Knauss 550 European Camping Car


In 2017 we decided that it was time to stop studying traveling overseas and head on to Europe.  As we were researching the trip Ron came upon an alternative to shipping Scout to Europe.  Early in our research we had looked at the alternative of buying a motorhome in Europe, but it is not possible for a non-EU resident to own a vehicle, and the work arounds we came across in 2014 seemed dicey.  While researching shipping and storage Ron came across the website for France Motor Home Hire, and they had a method for purchase that seemed legitimate.  We contacted them, and after some discussion decided to rent a motorhome from them so that we could see what we might be getting into.  

In April of 2018 we flew to France and rented a RV from France Motor Home Hire to check out the concept, and to get a view of the operation in France with an eye towards possibly purchasing a RV from them.  The trip is documented in our 2018 travel blog.  The trip was a success and we liked the RV.  When we returned we were convinced that purchasing an RV from France Motor Home Hire’s sales division was the way to go to allow us to travel in Europe.

We have divided the story of purchasing François the Campingcar into the Sales process which includes purchasing, establishing the Societe Civile that allows ownership and the mundane stuff such as insurance and registering the vehicle.


François in front of the Rock of Gibraltar.© travelin tiger 2013