Things We’ve Learned

Neither one of us are very technical or handy. Over the years of travel we have always admired people who are. Despite our technical limitations we have survived.

This section is a series of posts about a miscellany of things we have learned, and tricks we use while we are traveling. We try to travel frugally, but we do enjoy a bit of luxury on the road so will periodically check into a hotel to give ourselves a break. Part of the reason we travel is to experience local food and drink, and while you will not find us in Michelin starred restaurants, we do not hesitate to take in a good meal.

Another requirement we have is daily showers, so while we do not mind being off of the grid, we are limited by our water capacity. Both of our RV’s are capable of staying off of the grid for good periods of time as they are equipped with solar, extra batteries, and an inverter.

We are type A travelers. The longest we can sit in one place without having something to do is a day or two. We know many people are content to find a nice place and sit back and chill for weeks. We often wish we are capable of that, but both of us do not have the temperament to sit for long periods of time.

These posts contain our experiences, in most cases other RV travelers who are more technical, more patient, and more frugal have posted similar things. We hope our experiences will help you with another point of view.

Driving Our RV in Europe

The most frequently asked question we get from Americans about our experience RV’ing in Europe is how difficult is it to drive? Our quick answer

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In Trip Planning

In a previous post we talked about the planning we do before we depart for our trips to Europe. When people ask us how we

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Pre-Trip Planning

Over the years we have learned that the more we prepare for the trip before we leave, the more freedom we will have to improvise

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WIFI Data in Europe

Like most people we need data to exist. While traveling it is more important. We use it for our daily planning, and for navigating around

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