June 2, 2019 Leipzig GE

Today was a day of rest mostly.  We woke up and decided to get some chores done, the biggest of which was laundry.  Leipzig was next on our list and I found a campground with washing machines so we were off to Leipzig.  After an uneventful 120km drive on the autobahn we arrived.

It’s about 90 degrees today so Ton and I are having dreams of beer.

It was around 10:30 when we arrived, I went in to check in, and was asked if I had a reservation, when I replied negatively she gave me a lecture about planning, making reservations and added that check in time was 2pm, after she got that off her chest she checked me in and we were off to our spot.  Having settled in we went to find the laundry room to scope out the equipment and the cost, but the laundry room was locked.  Back to the office to find out that you needed to check out a key and buy tokens for 30 minutes of electricity.  We were a little perplexed about the whole buying electricity thing but guessed we would figure it out.  After getting our laundry sorted I headed back to get the key and tokens, the office was jammed with people checking in so I waited patiently, and was amused to see another person with poor planning skills get the same lecture I had gotten about the importance of reservations, this time in German.  Then the next person in line bought a bunch of tokens and took a key, shucks!  Hoping there was more than one key I continued to wait only to be told as I expected, that there was only one key.  After 3 hours went back to check on the key, and the same lady a little shamefaced told me that the key was still not back, but gave me the space number of the person who had it, so off I went on my quest for the key.  They turned out to be a nice couple who said they would be done in 8 minutes (how precisely German of them), sold us their 4 extra tokens, agreed to give us possession of the key, and explained the purchasing of electricity with the tokens.

Some greatest hits photos from Ton.
Cool flowers.
Our favorite German coffee.

Tomorrow we are off to see Leipzig.

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