May 16, 2023 Bucharest RO

Today we moved north to Bucharest. We are not quite done with Bulgaria, but we decided to pop up into Romania for a couple of weeks. The drive was short, and the border crossing was a simple. Ton was even impressed that the Romanian border officer smiled at us, after several weeks of Bulgarian poker faces.

The fishing lake next to our campground.

After we set up and settled in, Ton sent me off to find a bank to get some Romanian Lei. The only bank nearby robbed us on the exchange charging 8%. But as Ton said we needed the money. We just won’t be recommending the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank to anyone. Over our years in Europe we have always felt comfortable changing money at ATM’s and the rates have always been fair. Today was an exception to the fairness we have experienced. I noticed that there was both a Kaufland and a Lidl nearby so our first afternoon in Romania was spent window shopping groceries, the only thing we bought was a liter of water, but Ton enjoyed herself.

This vegetable market was next to Lidl.

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