January 30, 2018 Caliente NV

I love the west.  Today we drove a ridiculous distance thru the Mojave Desert.  We wanted to position ourselves to see the Blue Blood Super Moon eclipse tomorrow and decided a good place we had never been before would be Kershaw-Ryan State Park near Caliente Nevada.  So to explain tomorrow is a blue moon, the moon is supposed to turn red after the eclipse, and it is a super moon.  The only problem it was over 400 miles away.  But we decided to go for it and if we were tired in Tonopah we would shorten up the trip.  

The drive from Reno to Caliente is thru mostly unoccupied desert.  Quite often you do not see anything built by a human for miles and miles.  Our route once we got clear of the urban area around Reno was US 95 to Tonopah, US 6 to no were in particular NV351 to a small town we forgot the name of already and US 93 to Caliente.  We are familiar with US95 from Fallon to Tonopah as it is the route we take whenever we go to see Alex or to Death Valley, we had one of our flat tires on US95 near Hawthorne a few years ago.  We had never been on the rest of the roads on the trip but they were fun and really isolated.  Route 6 goes thru long empty valleys with nothing to stop you. The roads are straight as an arrow for miles and miles.  Ron began looking at how many miles it was before curves in the road and we had stretches of 11, 14, and the longest of 16 miles of perfectly straight roads.

This stretch of highway was 14 miles without a curve.

NV351 is also known as the extraterrestrial highway as it skirts Area 51 where everyone knows the government is secretly keeping the aliens that come to earth.  The businesses along the road know a good thing when they see it so they have set up souvenir stands.  We of course stopped and bought a magnet to put on the fridge at home.

Ron could not resist getting his picture taken with an alien.

Our stop for the night was at Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Ron was a little worried about arriving late in the day as it is a small park.  There was no need to worry as we have the place to ourselves.  it is a pretty location in a little canyon, and all of the facilities look brand new.  We went for a short evening stroll, and the Blue-Blood-Super Moon gave us a little preview.

The Blue/Blood Super moon at sunset.

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