April 19, 2018 Rose SP

We are parked in an aire next to a hotel in Fitou France.  Do not try to find it on a map unless you have a very detailed map of France, it is somewhere near Narbonne.  

After a slow start to the day, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and had a nice conversation with our German neighbors, who were a little confused at first when we did not respond to their initial conversation starters in French.  After they sorted out we were not French they effortlessly switched to English.  We had a nice time talking to them and getting to meet their dog.  They are German versions of snowbirds, spending about 6 months a year in Spain and Portugal.

We decided to head into the town of Rose to have the meal we missed yesterday.  We had a fantastic 4 course lunch for €13.50.  This was a huge meal including a glass of Sangria for an aperitif, a bowl of mussels for an appetizer, paella for her main dish, and a creme brulet for desert.  She had a choice of wine or water and chose wine.  Ron had Sangria, calamari for his appetizer, a dish similar to paella but with noodles instead of Rice, and flan, because he was driving he had water.  We were wowed with the quantity and quality of the food, and enjoyed people watching while we ate.

The town of Rose, on the Costa Brava, the Costa Brava may require a longer visit in the future.

One correction, all of the fields we were identifying as mustard are actually canola fields, or as they call them here Rapeseed.  The yellow fields are still really beautiful.

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