May 22, 2021 Albuquerque NM

Today is going to be a short one as the day was mostly spent driving about 350 miles in a constant 35 mile cross wind. The day started with a surprise when I realized the water hose had frozen over night. I knew it had gotten cold and turned the heater on in Scout about midnight. In the morning I joined 3 other RV owners who were planning to leave in hauling our hoses into the sun to melt the 25 ft ice cube inside.

I spent most of the day wrestling Scout down I-40 along with a surprising amount of traffic. The trip took about an hour longer than planned due to the traffic and the need to slow down due to the wind. On top of that I forgot that we changed time zones crossing from Arizona to New Mexico. So instead of arriving about 3 pm it was nearly 5pm when we parked for the night.

Another Eagles fan standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

Our one stop for the day was in Winslow Arizona. The other day one of our long drive conversations was about which 5 albums we would take to a desert island. The only one that was on both of our lists was The Eagles Greatest Hits. So when we set off Ton said we had to swing thru Winslow to visit the corner. If you are an Eagles fan you will know immediately what I am talking about. If you are not than I will quote you a famous line from their first hit “Take it Easy”, the line is “Standin on a corner in Winslow Arizona.”

The corner in Winslow Arizona. Bonus points if you know the significance of the red truck on the right side of the picture.

Recognizing a good source of revenue the town of Winslow has dedicated a corner to the Eagles and it draws quite a few people into town. In addition to the park, there are two stores dedicated to The Eagles and Route 66 memorabilia. After doing our part to contribute to the economy of Winslow we were back on our way.

This shack is billed as the “Worlds Smallest Church”.

We are settled in for the night, but it feels like we have swapped our RV for a boat, as the constant buffeting of the winds has us rocking around like we are at sea. The wind is supposed to continue all night so hopefully we won’t get seasick.

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