April 25, 2022 Dinard FR

We began the day with an excellent breakfast from Ton. It was Khao Tom which is a kind of rice gruel. Going thru François the night before she came across a bag of rice that neither of us remember buying. Last night it was a Rissoto to accompany our pork chops, and this morning with some spice and water it became Khao Tom.

St. Malo, our visit there 4 years ago motivated us to spend more time in Brittany.

After breakfast we had a long but uneventful drive to get us to the Northern base of the Brittany Peninsula, the total drive was 305 km’s which is roughly 200 miles. Brittany has been on our list of places we wanted to visit since we swung by St. Malo and Dinan on our second trip to France. We really liked the feel of both places and the mix of French and Celtic culture.

Brittany is famous for its rugged coast line.

Once we were settled into our campground, it was time for our first day of walking. It was about 2 miles to the main beach in town. But the walk was pleasant with lots of interesting old homes to look at as we went. The main beach and promenade came into view suddenly and despite the blustery day was full of people.

People enjoying the waterfront promenade in Dinard.
Nice sand castle, the architect was not in site.

The coast here is full of rocky headlands with relatively small beaches in between. They have done an incredible job of cutting a walking path thru and over the headlands between the beaches. It is one of the most spectacular walks we have done, and interestingly it does not even get a mention in any of the guidebooks about the area. All together we spent about 3 hours walking the beaches and the trails between the beaches. When we returned we were both a little tired and felt like we had earned our supper.

Some really beautiful homes perched on a headland looking over the harbor of Dinard and St. Malo.
Part of the walking path carved out of the rocks of the headlands.
Another section of the coastal trail.

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