April 29, 2022 Pointe du Raz FR

We only had one fun stop planned for today as we wanted to take care of some of the routine things you have to do when living out of a RV. We began by visiting a Lidl to pick up some groceries.

I get to enjoy the food from our morning Lidl stop.

After shopping was completed we headed off to Pointe du Raz which as the name says is a prominent point sticking out into the English Channel. It is a regional park, and is a moorland sitting on top of 200 foot cliffs above the ocean. It was only about a 20 km drive from Douarnenez, so despite our late start we arrived before noon. The weather has been about the same every day, mid 60’s with a good breeze and sun. For this time of year it is great.

Blue sky and a brisk breeze welcomed us to Pointe

About 10 km’s from the Pointe we suddenly left the forests and emerged onto the windswept moorlands that the region is famous for. Suddenly you could see all the way to the ocean.

The park had great long views to enjoy.

They had a designated Campervan parking lot that you could overnight in for €20, or park for the day for €8. The parking cost also covers the admission price for the park. There are several trails that lead you to the top of the cliffs. The moors are covered with wildflowers, though the dominant plant looks like a type of gorse with yellow flowers. Ton was in her element as she loves wild flowers and I kept leaving her behind as she would see something else she wanted to photograph and suddenly stop.

The main trail to the point. The building in the front is a French Navy surveillance installation.

When we reached the end of the point the view out to sea was spectacular. We scrambled thru some rocks to get a good view. By the time we got there it was lunch time and most of the French were sitting down to their lunch among the rocks. The French take their lunches seriously and they do it with elegance even when the table is a rock.

The rocky point at the end of the trail.
We only saw these red flowers in this one spot, but it was a great spot.

We were enjoying the walk so we decided to follow a cliff side trail back. This got us away from the crowds, and it was quite a nice walk.

The cliff side trail we followed.
More wildflowers.

We had picked a campground on a farm near the point for our stop today. We arrived in time to give the inside of François a good scrubbing before settling down for some well earned Breton Cider.

We have developed a taste for Breton cider so we decided to acquire a couple of proper cider cups.

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