June 15, 2022 Portland OR

The trip home was completely uneventful, with every flight leaving and arriving on time. Just like you like it to be.

Our first trip in two years was a success. During the 59 days we were there we covered almost exactly 6000 kilometers (about 4,000 miles), visited three countries and added one new country to our list in Portugal.

We had target three places for this trip. We really enjoyed Brittany, and Galicia. Portugal was also good but as we talked about earlier, it was closer to OK than wow. Maybe our expectations were too high. There were places we enjoyed particularly Porto. But there were not too many really memorable experiences. We might have to give Portugal another look in the future to try to get another feel for the country.

We are taking a break from Europe until September and have no specific plans for the US, but who knows what might come up. Until then see you.

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